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Composite sentence ae a polypredicative construction in English and Ukrainian

Описание: The composite sentence, as different from the simple sentence, is formed by two or more predicative lines. Being a polypredicative construction, it expresses a complicated act of thought, i.e. an act of mental activity which falls into two or more intellectual efforts closely combined with one another. In terms of situations and events this means that the composite sentence reflects two or more elementary situational events viewed as making up a unity; the constitutive connections of the events are expressed by the constitutive connections of the predicative lines of the sentence, i.e. by the sentential polypredication. размер: 23.38 Кбскачать


Описание: Реферат на английском языке размер: 3.03 Кбскачать

Computer Crime

Описание: Computer crime and criminal information law are relatively young phenomena. A first historical analysis indicates that each new development of computer technology was followed by a corresponding adaptation of crime as well as by legislative changes. A short overview - using the example of Germany - illustrates this adaptation of crime and information law to the new information technologies, it also indicates that this process started gradually at first, but then continued at an increasing pace:
- From the beginning of the 1950s computers were introduced in industry and administration to control routine processes. As late as 20 years after that time, the first cases of computer manipulation, computer sabotage and computer espionage became known. Only in 1986 did the German legislator react with the Second Act for the Prevention of Economic Crime.
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Computer games

Описание: Computer games are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Some people claim that teenagers get a lot of benefits playing them. But other people argue that young people should spend their free time going in for sport. Let`s look upon this problem objectively and try to understand it. размер: 4.15 Кбскачать

Computer Networks

Описание: Functional relationship type, or the architecture of the network, is a common fundamental algorithm of building the network. The simplest type of the networks is peer-to-peer, which means that different computers are directly connected to each other. Such networks are decentralized and used mainly for sharing the information between users. LAN and P2P networks are based on this architecture. размер: 9.13 Кбскачать

Computer programmes as a mean of teaching

Описание: Computers have already entered all the spheres of human activity including the process of teaching and studying. Nowadays skills of computer operating are very important for representatives of every profession. There exists a notion "computer literacy" that convincingly illustrates the fact of importance of computer proficiency. However we should not teach skills of work with the computer, its monitor, keyboard, memory devices and other equipment only. размер: 38.88 Кбскачать

Computing present and future

Описание: Computer technology has sufficiently long been part of our lives and has become an integral component. They changed the world and human capabilities, significantly facilitated his life. None have probably a scope, which would not touch the computer.
The greatest distribution of computer technologies, is the use of Internet resources. A worldwide system of interconnected networks for storing and transmitting information gives us new opportunities: social networks, blogs, online stores, e-mail and others.
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Concept and main principles of franchising

Описание: Advantages of franchising consist in reception of known mark and the technologies connected to it. To the franchisee, having bought the franchise, it is not necessary to think of advertising the enterprise, development of image, creation of technologies of work as all this in the kind ready and checked up by time is got at the franchisor, and advertising is carried out on-line. Except for it, franchising is protected from a corporate competition: according to the contract the franchisor in this territory will not sell the franchise to anybody to another. размер: 5.80 Кбскачать

Conflict and stress in the activity of enterprise. Methods of resolution

Описание: The foundation of any organization is a labor collective. The labor collective – is a formal community of people united by a common activity for achieving certain goals. Environment, in which people find themselves in the process of joint activity, predetermines and limits the ways of their interaction. Numbers of needs that can be satisfied during the communication process also become limited by the actual circumstances. In such cases there often arise contradictions between people on a wide range of issues. By themselves, these differences and contradictions can act as a positive factor, movement of creative thought. However, becoming a sharp, they can impede successful collaboration and lead to conflicts. размер: 47.50 Кбскачать

Consumer society

Описание: Consumer society – one of characteristics of a modern society which in a greater degree appears organised on the basis of a consumption principle. размер: 3.29 Кбскачать
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