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Рефераты по иностранным языкам

Decolonization in Soviet Borderlands

Описание: The new states formed following the dissolution of the Soviet
Union are struggling to establish administrative structures as they have had
no guidance under Soviet control and western models do not address their
special problems. The states are adopting market principles, although they do
not fully understand the concepts and there is a lack of clarity over how far
decentralization should extend.
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Deontology in surgery

Описание: Introduction
Medical ethics
Deontology in surgery
Pirogov N.I.
Medical deontology (from the Greek. "Deon" - granted, and "logos" - Teaching) - teaching about proper medicine.
Chekhov wrote about the medical profession: "The medical profession - is a feat, it requires self-sacrifice, purity of mind and purity of thoughts"
Medical deontology has come a long and difficult way of development. The origins of ethics goes back to antiquity.
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Des cas particuliers de l’expression de la condition et de l’hypothèse dans le roman d’Albert Camus

Описание: Le décodage de texte cherche à définir la relation entre les moyens de l’expression et ce qui est exprimé - le contenu. L’expressivité est créée par le choix de signes linguistiques et le mode de leur emploi de leur combinaison. Grâce aux moyens grammaticaux on peut exprimer n’importe quel sentiment. размер: 44.38 Кбскачать

Development and analysis of the budget funds On subject «Economy and Finance of the Enterprise»

Описание: Financial planning is necessary to protect the company from the effects of negative externalities, to ensure financial stability, achieve high results of financial and economic activity. In a market economy where competition is developed, where the tax laws in their harsh rules, planning to protect the company and to protect against unexpected deterioration in the financial condition and perhaps even bankruptcy.
The main tasks of financial planning of the company in the marketplace are:
provision of necessary financial resources, production, investment and financing activities;
Identifying ways of effective capital investment, assessment of its rational use;
Identification of internal reserves to increase profits at the expense of the economical use of funds;
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Development of mass media

Описание: What are your associations with mass media? Make a list of them.
What mass media do you know? Classify them into some groups.
What mass medium appeared first\last? Prove your answer.
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Development of the Gerund

Описание: The gerund is a non-finite form of the verb. The other non-finite verb forms are the infinitive and the participle. This verb names an action, state or functions of some subject or maybe he is used as a noun. They are so easy to observe, they are formed from verbs by adding ING: go – going; speak – speaking, work – working. размер: 3.43 Кбскачать

Die Auswahl des Transportes für die Reise

Описание: Die Erholung planend, muss man sich mit der Auswahl des Transportes klären, mit dessen Hilfe Sie bis zum Bestimmungsort gelangen werden. Jeder Transport hat wie die Vorteile, als auch die Mängel. размер: 6.38 Кбскачать

Die Entwicklung von auslandischen Adoptivkinder

Описание: ◦Sprachenwicklung
◦Schulische Entwicklung
◦Sozialverhalten der Adoptivkinderen
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Die Lehrer stehen neben dem Brett

Описание: Контрольная работа размер: 9.38 Кбскачать

Die Sommerferien

Описание: Сочинение размер: 10.88 Кбскачать
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