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Contractul de franchising

Описание: Întroducere
Noţiunea contractului de franchising şi caracteristicile
lui juridice.
Elementele contractului de franchising.
Drepturile şi obligaţiile părţilor în baza contractului
de franchising:
a) drepturile şi obligaţiile franchiser-ului
b) drepturile şi obligaţiile franchisee- ului
Subfranchising-ul şi limitarea drepturilor părţilor
în cadrul contractului de franchising.
Răspunderea părţilor în baza contractului de
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Cuisine nationale du Bélarus

Описание: La cuisine originale biélorussienne a l’histoire séculaire. En dépit de l’opinion largement répendu que la cuisine biélorussienne ce n’est que la pomme de terre et légu,es elle est ne des plus divercsifiées trditions du contitent. Ici beaucoup de tradinions (c’est à dire des cuisines slaves, baltes et la cuisine juive) se sont mêlées. Mais la plus grande différence des plats biélorussiens des autres traditions slaves est dans le processus du traitement des produits alimentaires. размер: 6.63 Кбскачать

Cultural differences

Описание: Business today is international. Business people have to travel a lot. On a business trip people may meet colleagues and business partners for the first time. It is usual for colleagues from different countries to experience cultural differences. In other words, they may be surprised by foreign social conventions, that is the different ways that other nationalities or different cultures do things. размер: 5.63 Кбскачать

Cultural Differences in Decision Making

Описание: The rational model makes no acknowledgment of cultural differences. But Asians, for instance, don’t necessarily make decisions the same way that Americans do. Therefore, we need to recognize that the cultural background of the decision maker can have significant influence on his or her selection of problems, depth of analysis, the importance placed on logic or whether organizational decisions should be made autocratically by an individual manager or collectively in groups. размер: 5.68 Кбскачать

Cultural Influences on Management Style

Описание: Different cultures may determine various management styles. There are certain role models of managers in each country, mostly determined by the cultural characteristic of a nation. For example, in the United States the most readily available role model for the head of a company is the corporate CEO. In China, it is the head of the family. In France it remains the military general. In Japan, it is the consensus builder. In Germany, it is the coalition builder. размер: 10.42 Кбскачать

Culture of great britain

Описание: Immigrants who have arrived from all parts of the Commonwealth since 1945 have not only created a mixture of nations, but have also brought their cultures and habits with them. Monuments and traces of past greatness are everywhere. There are buildings of all styles and periods. A great number of museums and galleries display precious and interesting finds from all parts of the world and from all stage in the development of nature, man and art. London is one of the leading world centres for music, drama, opera and dance. размер: 16.63 Кбскачать

Current situation of banking system of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Описание: The transition period during which old and new bank structures coexisted, has appeared rather short. As a result in Republic there was the two-tired bank system which first-tire represents National bank, and the second or bottom level is represented by the state, commercial, joint and foreign banks. The national bank is the main bank of Kazakhstan and is in its property. On the one hand, it is the legal body which is carrying out certain civil-law transactions with commercial banks and the state. размер: 92.38 Кбскачать

Customs and traditions

Описание: какие существуют в России обычаи и традиции размер: 7.01 Кбскачать

Customs union

Описание: Customs union is the form of economic integration which is in act today. Nowadays the integration and economic globalization is taking place in the world. Customs union is a trade agreement between the group of countries according to which there is a set of tariffs to the countries which is not in union while there is a free trade zone between the countries signed the agreement (ITAR-TASS, 2010). размер: 6.93 Кбскачать

Cтили речи и выразительные средства английского языка

Описание: Лингвистическая стилистика — сравнительно новый раздел языкознания, который занимается исследованием стилей речи, стилистических приемов и выразительных средств языка в их отношении к выражаемому содержанию. Таким образом, компонентами этого определения являются а) стили речи и б) выразительные средства языка и стилистические приемы. Прежде всего необходимо уточнить эти понятия, иначе самоопределение может быть неправильно истолковано в связи с многообразным содержанием, которое обычно вкладывается в понятия «стиль речи», «выразительные средства языка», «стилистические приемы». размер: 127.55 Кбскачать
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