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Argumentation of expediency of JV creation with foreign partner

Описание: Enterprise has 20th year experience of work on the Ukrainian market and has significant industrial capacity, qualified human resources. “Ukrpapir” has a possibility to pay in statutory fund of future JV 50 thnd € in a current year.
During last year’s economic activity of the enterprise characterized by the following problems:
1) Reduction of the volumes of selling of the office paper and cardboard tare products.
2) Equipment of the enterprise request modernization.
3) Development of the new types of products don’t introduce in manufacturing under the conditions of investment resources absent.
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Aroma printing

Описание: People see and hear the dozens of different information every day by radio, television and published information. 98 per cent of this information is not perceived. In this situation the advertisement should have effect on different client’s organs of senses, such as osmetic, visual and tactile senses. Advertisement can use some secrets of printing. Aroma printing is the printing with application of aromatic inks and lacquers.
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Articulatory peculiarities of vowels in the English and Ukrainian languages

Описание: 1.Articulatory peculiarities of vowels in the English and Ukrainian languages
1.1 Articulation peculiarities of English language vowels. Their positional changes and reduction.
1.2. Articulatory peculiarities of vowels in the Ukrainian languages
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Ausgliederung der Wortarten

Описание: Die Wörter einer Sprache stehen nicht einzeln, sondern lassen sich zu bestimmten Gruppen zusammenfassen. Dabei ist nicht der konkrete semantische Inhalt eines Wortes entscheiden, sondern dessen abstrakte grammatische Bedeutung. Solche Wortgruppen nennt man Wortarten. Eine Wortart fasst Wörter zusammen, die durch bestimmte gemeinsame Merkmale gekennzeichnet sind. Diese Merkmale sind: 1) die gemeinsame grammatische Bedeutung; 2) die gleichen grammatischen Kategorien; 3) die gleichen syntaktischen Funktionen; 4) die Art der Wortbildung. размер: 19.13 Кбскачать


Описание: Australia – the state occupying the whole continent on the area. It is the country, the sixth in size, in the world (about 8 million sq.km) – it is located in Oceania, between Quiet and Indian oceans. Australia is in three climatic zones. In the winter here very small amount of rainfall drops out. Landscape of Australia almost flat. Here almost completely there is no mountain district. The most part of this continent is occupied by the desert. For this reason Australia is called the white continent. размер: 6.58 Кбскачать

Barclays checks out by Oleg Nikishenkov

Описание: British banking giant Barclays is quitting the Russian retail scene, citing various local problems. Barclays is following in the footsteps of Spain’s Santander, Belgian KBC Group and Swedish Swedbank, which have also recently announced they plan to exit the Russian retail sector. размер: 7.25 Кбскачать

Baron Haussmann - (1809-1891)

Описание: Georges-Eugène Haussmann est né à Paris en 1809.
Sous-préfet de Nérac de 1832 à 1840.
L'arrondissement lui doit beaucoup et notamment:
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Описание: Baroque in European culture takes period in extension with one and a half century. Human of baroque period is not image of God, a criterion or standard of beauty as it was in Renaissance, but first of all a being capable to feel and suffer, possessing infinite imagination.
Artistic style of baroque, which came for replacement of Renaissance in the second half of 16 century, was extraordinary showed in musical art. For baroque is characteristic to internal, spiritual life of human, and music was able to reflect this part of period. Moreover, musicians of this period tried to show internal emotional experiences of human. And it became not enough to consider relation of all mankind with God. And it’s much more interesting relations with him of individual person and his feelings in this or that occasion.
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Basic qualities of the perfect forms

Описание: The Modern English perfect forms have been the subject of a lengthy discussion which has not so far brought about a definite result. The difficulties inherent in these forms are plain enough and may best be illustrated by the present perfect. This form contains the present of the verb have and is called present perfect, yet it denotes an action which no longer takes place, and it is (almost always) translated into Russian by the past tense, e. g. has written — написал, has arrived — приехал, etc. размер: 21.88 Кбскачать

Belarusian Customs

Описание: The creation of the Customs Service of the Republic of Belarus in 1991was an important step taken by the Belarusian government. But in spite of its adolescence customs service on the territory of Belarus has a more than one thousand-year history. The period between the 6-th and the 8-th century included the origin of the customs affairs on ancient Belarusian lands. The period of the 9-th-13-th century was marked by the formation and development of customs affairs and its legislation in Belarusian princedoms in terms of feudal disunity. Some unique geographic specialities of the location of Belarusian lands were revealed during this period. размер: 3.94 Кбскачать
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