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"If" and "when" conditional clauses

Описание: Условные предложения с "если" и "когда" в английском языке. размер: 24.00 Кбскачать

A History of the English Language

Описание: Baugh and Cable’s A History of the English Language has long been considered the
standard work in the field.
A History of the English Language is a comprehensive exploration of the linguistic
and cultural development of English, from the Middle Ages to the present day. The book
provides students with a balanced and up-to-date overview of the history of the language.
The fifth edition has been revised and updated to keep students up to date with recent
developments in the field. Revisions include:
• a revised first chapter, ‘English present and future’
• a new section on gender issues and linguistic change
• updated material on African-American Vernacular English
размер: 1.09 Мбскачать

A new neighbor

Описание: Chapter 1 размер: 68.75 Кбскачать

Adam Smith

Описание: Доклад размер: 41.38 Кбскачать

Adventure of Volume of Sawyer

Описание: he book "Adventure of Volume of Sawyer", is written in 1876 American writer Mark Twain. In the book told about adventures of the boy which lives in the small town St.-Petersburg. The book has twenty chapters. I will tell about five of them. размер: 2.88 Кбскачать

Agent-based Computational Economics: Exploring the Evolution of Trade Networks

Описание: As the field of economics seeks to further its understanding of the links between
the micro and macro sides of the area, economists are becoming increasingly
appreciative of agent-based models. Cross-silos approaches to problems are pro-
viding for a new way of thinking about how to explain complex phenomenon in
science. Agent-based modelling provides a novel and effective way of explaining
how such complex systems arrive at macro phenomenon through attempting to
grow said societies. The project that I am undertaking is an extension of the
work completed by Allen Wilhite which is documented in his paper “Bilateral
Trade and Small-world Networks.”
размер: 495.33 Кбскачать

Aggressive moves counter SRB in flooded subsea pipeline

Описание: Aggressive applications of biocide, use of hydrogen sulfide scavengers, and multiple pig runs can quickly eradicate even major infestations of sulfate- reducing bacteria in a repaired subsea natural gas pipeline following seawater incursion. размер: 7.58 Кбскачать

Air pollution

Описание: Air pollution... This problem is very important. In spite of it’s importance, there’s really a few people who is worried about it.But it’s not right ! Such problems as this one needs more attention. Of course it’s clear, that human gives the beginning of this issue. But if the human gives the beginning of this issue, wouldn’t it be right that the human has to stop it ??? размер: 5.63 Кбскачать

Alamannen Stammes Gewerkschaften

Описание: Land in Mitteleuropa, die bereits vor dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges (1939-1945). Capital - Berlin. In alten Zeiten lebte in Deutschland für die Deutschen. Alamannen Stammes Gewerkschaften, Bayern, Thüringen, Sachsen und andere wurden in die 6-8 Jahrhunderte enthalten. in der fränkischen Staates. Als Ergebnis seiner Abschnitt (843) wurde von der Ost-fränkischen Reiches geschaffen, aus denen heraus in den 10. frühfeudalen Reich Deutschland. In 962, mit der Eroberung des deutschen Königs Otto I. von Nord-und Mittelitalien, bildete das Heilige Römische Reich (bis 1806). размер: 6.56 Кбскачать

Alessandro Volta

Описание: Schlieβt man eine Glűhlampe oder ein Gerat an ein elektrisches Netz, so muss man genau Wissen, ob dieses Gerät fűr die Spannung von 127 oder 220 Volt gebaut ist. Taglich gebraucht man das Wort “Volt”, welches von dem Names des groβen italienischen Wissenschaftles Alessandro Volta stammt. размер: 6.38 Кбскачать
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